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View all news 2015-12-18 Elevo builds extension of the water network on the island of Fogo in Cape Verde More + 2015-12-02 Elevo enters the Zambian market with a water supply, sanitation and drainage project More + 2015-11-13 Renewables and São Tomé and Príncipe to be highlighted at COP21 More + 2015-11-06 Elevo wins its first project in Bolivia More + 2015-11-04 Edimetal Moçambique awarded a new project More + 2015-10-26 Constrótunel involved in the Roxo-Sado water supply More + 2015-10-23 Elevo Angola broadens its supermarket building portfolio More + 2015-10-21 Constrotúnel wins another project in Portugal More + 2015-10-09 Tecnasol Angola has two new projects More + 2015-10-07 Elevo to carry out works for EDP at Baixo Sabor More + 2015-10-06 Edimetal Moçambique awarded new projects More + 2015-08-27 Village Business Park in Talatona to be carried out by Elevo More + 2015-08-27 Elevo Angola strengthens its client base in Huambo More + 2015-08-21 Elevo Angola has a new client in the real estate investment business More + 2015-08-13 Elevo Angola obtains fifth contract for Shoprite More + 2015-07-10 Elevo Mozambique signs a 20 million USD contract to build Office Tower in the center of Maputo More + 2015-07-01 Elevo Angola strengthens client base for KORA in Lossambo More + 2015-06-23 Elevo wins new contracts for the Port - Gentil Airport More + 2015-06-17 Elevo Angola participates in urban planning design for the Municipality of Caála More + 2015-05-25 Edifer Angola secures grant of HOTEL NDOMBWA More + 2015-05-21 Elevo Angola in the construction of IKA+IU hotels of N’Dalatando More + 2015-05-21 Elevo Group rehabilitates Estrada Figueira Pavão/Campanas de Cima More + 2015-05-21 MCA-Fasa II (Millennium Challenge Account – Fundo de Água e Saneamento II) awarded hydraulics works to Elevo Group More + 2015-05-21 Elevo Group rehabilitates homes built after 1995 eruption in Fogo island More + 2015-05-21 Tecnasol involved in Urban Rehabilitation in Lisbon More + 2015-05-18 Edifer Angola ensured the completion of 4 hotel units in Ondjiva, Uíge, Malange and Menongue More + 2015-05-18 Edimetal Angola is granted the frame works of 4 Hotels, in the provinces of Uíge, Malange, Ondjiva and Menongue More + 2015-05-06 Elevo awarded duplication of the railway linking Marrakech to Tanger More + 2015-04-06 Rehabilitation the IP2 Road and Works of Art entrusted to Elevo More + 2015-03-24 Elevo Angola wins a contract with TAHAL for the Quiminha project More + 2015-03-19 Elevo constructs a Centre in Luanda for The Daughters of St. Paul More + 2015-03-06 Ecovisão Portugal is awarded several Environmental Monitoring tasks for ASCENDI road concessions More + 2015-03-02 Edimetal Angola warrants tendering of the Pangeia Hotel outer facades More + 2015-02-27 Elevo strengthens portfolio in the rehabilitation and maintenance of roads in the islands of Fogo and São Nicolau in Cabo-Verde More + 2015-02-06 Elevo wins 57 km in new Community pathways in Senegal More + 2015-02-03 Elevo Moçambique earns new works More +

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