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Elevo reaches 30 Million USD from fundraising in Mozambique


With the fundraising from the remodelling of the historic Polana Hotel, the parking lot for the Cobham Building and the finishes of Hotel 24, Elevo guarantees 30 Million USD in portfolio and strengthens its presence in several construction segments for industrial buildings and facilities.

Main works:

Finishes of Hotel Maputo in Av. 24 de Julho

The undertaking encompasses the execution of the finishes of 8,806m2, namely architecture, hydraulics, electric installations, telecommunications and security, as well as the HVAC installations, with the main materials being provided by the client.

Parking lot for the Cobham Building

The work encompasses the execution of a car parking lot with six floors, of which the main quantities are 700m of stakes, 3,300m3 of reinforced concrete and 418ton of steel.

Remodelling of the Polana Mar Building

The undertaking consists of the total rehabilitation of the Polana Mar Building’s interior, including works of architecture, waterproofing, and hydraulic, electric, ventilation and air-conditioning installations. The rehabilitation covers a total intervention area of approximately 6,700m2, a total of 67 rooms, common and technical areas, offices and a ‘kids club’.

2nd stage Hotel 24 | Car Parking Lot Cobham Building | Hotel Polana

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