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Official Inauguration of the Construction of Namialo/Rio Lurio Road, Mozambique

2014-04-20 The official opening of the lots 1 and 2 of the N1 highway between Namialo and Rio Lurio, in Nampula Province, took place on April 12th.

With a cost of 46 million U.S. dollars, lot 1 that goes from km0 in Namialo until Km75 on the bridge over the Mecutuchi River, was built by the Italian company CMC. Lot 2, which goes from Km75 on the bridge over the river Mecutuchi until Km150 on the bridge over the Lurio River, with a cost of 47 million U.S. dollars, was built by MonteAdriano, now integrated in Elevo Group.
Both contracts consisted of the rehabilitation of the existing road. In lot 2 (run by Elevo Group), the following studies were performed: earthmoving required in excavations and embankments, using soils loan (300.000m3), based on sub - soil cement (161.000m3), based on crushed material at quarry extensive particle size (130.000m3) and bituminous pavement, consisting of a double surface coating (760.000m2), changing the old platform's width from 6.5m to 12.5m.
Within the works of lot 2, 5 bridges were rehabilitated, 69 channels were constructed, as well as 23 kms of concrete gutters, 6 kms of sidewalks, 26 bus stops, 2,000 ml of security bars and the whole horizontal and vertical signalling system.
The opening ceremony was held with the presence of the President of Mozambique, Dr. Armando Guebuza, the Minister of Public Works, Dr. Kadmiel Mutemba and the Minister of Planning and Development, Dr. Aíuba Cuereneia.
In addition to these heads of state, there were also present, the Governor of Nampula Province, the North American Ambassador, General Director of the NSA (National Road Administration), the Executive Director of MCA (Millennium Challenge Account), the Executive Director MCC (Millennium Challenge Corporation - North American Investor of the inaugurated works and of a compact funding of 506 million U.S. dollars).
The ceremony was also attended by the Representative of the Road Fund, the Directors of Provincial Roads, Senior Frelimo leaders, Heads of Police Officers in the districts of Meconta, Nacarôa and Eráti (Namapa), the whole of Régulos region and the Mozambican people and even representatives of the two contractors involved in the construction of both lots.
In the commemorative speech, the President of Mozambique thanked the excellent work done by contractors and praised the quality of the performed works, recognizing Elevo as a quality company which can still contribute a lot to the development of Mozambique.

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