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Anticorruption Policy

In accordance with the OECD Convention on the combat of corruption dated November 21st 1997, the company makes reference to this convention ensuring that their employees never resort to malpractice, regardless of their hierarchical level in the company.

Malpractice, according to the principles of ethics, is totally prohibited. The company is strongly committed to the respect for international law and the rules of transparency in all its dealings.

Examples of internally adopted steps:

• Procedures

• Transparency in the conduct of business transactions

• All negotiated documents must be written and filed in order to ensure their accessibility and preservation

• The company has established and communicated to its employees the duties and obligations of their jobs

• The company has identified the activities and jobs particularly exposed to corruption

• Particular attention during the processes of local selection, vigilance is maintained during its interventions

• Employees’ awareness of the problem of corruption and its consequences

• Training for more exposed employees, if necessary

• Rotation of jobs to reduce corruption risks

• Respect of internal policies and requirements for the contract and accounts are subject to regular testing and random checks.

Annex: OECD Model Convention

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