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Environmental Infrastructures

The Elevo Group has actively participated in the National Plan for Water Treatment and Sewerage for Águas de Portugal and for the municipalities, sometimes on the construction, but most often on the designing and building of the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants with a capacity of up to 750.000 equivalent inhabitants.

It is this accumulated experience and the effort made in all our projects that enable us to have a level of knowledge which is unique in this area, which places us in a privileged position anywhere in the World in approaching works of this nature. Combining our Industrial Construction knowledge with our national and international technological partner’ know-how has been the best recipe to widen our knowledge in the area of solid municipal waste reduction. This is what enables us, today, to be an operator apart in the separation and treatment of solid and municipal waste.

For years, we dedicated our knowledge to the construction of waste landfills and water and sewerage infrastructure networks in the widest range of installation conditions, from the urban network with the installation of extensions and counters to major adduction networks with large diameters. We used the most diverse materials, from fibrocement to cast iron. We installed pumping plants and pumping wells. We participated in projects involving the construction and operation of urban systems and are members of various water and sewerage concessions. We have arrived at a level of knowledge which surpasses that of most in this area and are prepared to project and construct treatment plants, water and sewerage networks, anywhere. 
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