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Cávado Homem Subsystem Interceptors

Vila Verde Interceptor (2nd phase), Tojal Interceptor, Rajão Interceptor, Barge Interceptor, Gandra Interceptor, Souto Interceptor, Esparido Interceptor, Cachada Interceptor, Ribeira de Loureiro interceptor, Ribeiro da Costa Interceptor, Ribeira de Paúl Interceptor, Ribeira de Subilas Interceptor, Ribeira de Silvares Interceptor, Tojal Interceptor (extension), Rio Homem 1 Interceptor, Rio Homem 1 Interceptor (extension), Fonte Fria Interceptor, Barrais Interceptor, Casaldelo Interceptor.

Location: Counties of Vila Verde and Terras de Bouro
Country: Portugal
Year Completed: em execução

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