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Elevo Group Supports Jorge Sampaio`s Platform



The construction group pledges sponsorship to ten Syrian students

Ten deserving Syrian students of the Global Platform for Syrian Students (GP4SYS) will have the opportunity to study at any of programme’s universities under Elevo Group’s sponsorship for three years, as declared by Elevo’s CEO, Mr. Gilberto Silveira Rodrigues. The announcement was made on Thursday, February 15th during Elevo’s annual general meeting, where the Guest of Honor, former President of Portugal Dr. Jorge Sampaio, expressed his gratitude to the Group, not only for its commitment to Portugal and its economy, but also for contributing to build a better and brighter future to those ten young students eager to improve their country’s infrastructure, and ultimately the quality of life for its civilians in the near future.

This new pledge was announced during Elevo’s "Shaping the Future” annual general meeting, in which the Group discussed its strive towards modernization, technological transformation and innovation, which further iterate its core values of Globality, Sustainability and Inclusiveness in each country where it operates. Mr. Rodrigues welcomed Dr. Sampaio, to the Espelho da Luz Restaurant, where the former president of Portugal (1996-2006) and the Chairman of GP4SYS accepted the Group’s act of goodwill. Under this platform, the ten students will select one of the universities that form part of the progamme that offer the degree they wish to study.

"I am really delighted and most grateful to ELEVO for the announcement made by Mr. Gilberto Rodrigues that ELEVO will support 10 Syrian Students for three years. These new scholarships which will be called ‘ELEVO SCHOLARSHIPS will make a real difference in the lives of many Syrian families. Because each time a student has an opportunity to resume their studies, it is the whole family and the community who build hope for the future” H.E. Jorge Sampaio stated. "I am very excited with this new collaboration with ELEVO and hope it is just a beginning. The involvement of the private sector in solving global challenges is more needed than ever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” exclaimed Dr. Sampaio.

The Global Platform for Syrian Students is a non-profit multi-stakeholder organisation founded in November 2013 by Dr. Jorge Sampaio, with the support of a core group of institutional partners, namely the Council of Europe, the League of Arab States, the International Organization of Migrations (IOM) and the Institute of International Education (IIE).

This initiative is unique in that it effectively brings together the efforts and the contributions of the various stakeholders willing to back an emergency mechanism to support Syrian students: governments, international and regional organisations, donor agencies, universities, foundations, NGOs of different cultural backgrounds and faith-based organizations, the private sector and individuals. Through a Network of Partners, an Academic Consortium, and a Special Emergency Fund, the Global Platform for Syrian Students works in a collaborative way.

The programme entered into its operational phase in March 2014, when Syrian college students received a rare lifeline. A humanitarian rescue operation – organized by the Global Platform with the support of the Portuguese Government – allowed 45 Syrian students selected out of 1,700 candidates to resume their university studies under an emergency scholarship program, providing a comprehensive integrated "higher education care” services package.

Elevo Group is an engineering and construction group operating in 21 countries, with a turnover above 500 million USD. In September 2017, Nacala Holdings led by Mr. Rodrigues and Mr. Pedro Antelo, acquired Elevo Group from Fundo Vallis in an operation valued at approximately 90 million Euros. As a majority shareholder, Mr. Rodrigues also serves as the Group’s Chief Executive Officer where has been leading and managing approximately 4,500 employees across the globe. "It is with great honor that Grupo Elevo joins forces with Dr. Jorge Sampaio and the GP4SYS Platform, especially given our Former President’s prestige and the relevance of this initiative during these trying times for the people of Syria. We strongly believe that the private sector plays a pivotal role in the development of societies in vulnerable states and as such, we are proud to support this global effort”, said Gilberto Silveira Rodrigues.

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